What We Do | Johnston & Hutchinson LLP
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What We Do



We prosecute major lawsuits. From the initial client meeting to extensive case planning, through investigation, discovery, and selection of expert witnesses, everything we do is done to prepare for trial. We know that there are no short cuts and no easy settlements. We prepare for trial to maximize the result be it by way of settlement or verdict.


Johnston & Hutchinson LLP has obtained record-setting results in catastrophic personal injury, wrongful death actions, and business litigation cases. Johnston & Hutchinson LLP also obtained numerous seven and six-figure outcomes for a wide range of personal injury and business tort cases.


We are highly selective in the cases that we handle which allows us to immerse completely in each client’s story.


We have earned an impeccable reputation among the lawyers and judges in California, who along with prior clients, refer us all of our cases. We follow the American Board of Trial Advocates code of civility and ethics and strive to preserve the right to jury trial in California and throughout the United States.